What can I do with my almost-drying-up paints in Kolkata?

Sweet, simple and so very inspiring!

Papercuts and whimsical stuff


I decided to finally use my almost-dried paints to spruce up my balcony wall. Having moved into my new appartment in Kolkata, and having not really the time to concentrate on prettying up the place, the blank white washed walls were almost seeming a bit monotonous and depressing. So I decided to give the last lease of life to my acrylic paints!

First, I had to get the walls cleaned up. There is a lot of dust in Kolkata and each day the floors of the appartment have to be cleaned twice, once morning and then in the evening. The balcony walls were coated with white paint and a thick coating of dust on it along with cobwebs when we’d first moved in. I decided to scrub and clean every inch of the wall, and I was quite pleased with my efforts when the wall was gleaming white and shiny!…

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