The man with chaat on his cart and India in his heart

This will make you want to get your own signs painted!

Culinary Adventures of The Spice Scribe


It’s no secret that I think Angus Denoon is one of the most superior souls currently inhabiting one of the bodies making their merry way in this world. And if anybody should beg to differ, I’d have to assume they were a few drops of imli pani short of a puchka. Or just hadn’t had the pleasure of breaking roti with this brilliant bloke.

Calling your enterprise ‘The Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express’ could be construed as a little presumptious (not to mention tautological). But as it’s transpired, it’s a fitting moniker for Angus’ universally adored streetfood business – and the quirky linguistic expression completely characteristic of the talented Bengali signwriter he employs to bling up his carts.

The square-eyed might have spied Angus on their TV screens; introducing Rick Stein to the art of popping puchkas from a pushcart in Calcutta, and showing Andy…

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