Mexican Mayan Hammocks

Warning: These photos are stunning!


The hammock is often said to origin from Mexico. The villages surrounding the Yucatán capital Merida, produce loads of hammocks sold all over the world as mexican hammocks. As they are produced in Mexico, of corse they are mexican, but the originally the hammock has another history. They were not part of Maya civilization but are said to have arrived in Yucatán from the Caribbean a few centuries before the Spanish conquest. Earlu hammocks were woven out of bark from a hamack tree, but today they made from sisal, bark and palm fronds. Mayan hammocks are made on a loom and are hade woven by the families in the villages. Every home in the Yucatán region that even the most humble homes have hammock hooks in the walls. 


Something which on th either hand do origin from Mayan culture is the very colorful textiles and clothes. These were made by…

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