Street Art in Woodstock, Cape Town

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Woodstock, South-Africa, street art walking tourWoodstock, South-Africa, street art walking tour

You learn so much about a city and its culture through its art. Street art is one of these hugely expressive forms that cover every aspect of city life and things happening at the moment. I have come to realize that street art differs from country to country and couldn’t wait to see what the street art of Woodstock in Cape Town, South Africa looked like.

Woodstock is one of the most vibrant hubs in South Africa, populated by creative minds, lots of working creative studios and boutiques all sharing the same space with a  very tightly knit community. On Saturdays the area comes a life as the Old Biscuit mill becomes home to hand made crafts and deliciously fresh food. But then the area is also filled with people and cars so its quite crowded.

I had a day off during the week so…

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