Wish List

Matching Travel Luggage

So one of the reasons we have a ‘Wish List’ section is that literally these are all things we lust over. It’s kind of like travel shopping porn, stuff that’s utterly pleasing on the eye that we just want, even though we may not need it. It’s also a good excuse to look at what’s in the shops which is one of our favourite pastimes because it’s great for inspiration.


So on that note we present to you three matching luggage sets from DotComGiftShop. We’ve always thought the name of this company is a bit naff but their stuff is always high on the want factor because it’s generally colourful and quirky. We’ve personally never  had matching luggage. But look how lovely it looks. A wash-up bag that matches your holdall and another mini make-up to boot.

fashionable luggage

Not sure, when it’s going to happen but we’re adding matching luggage to our travel bucket list. In the meantime we’re going to keep drooling over these lovelies.

Big weekend bag £19.95, Make-up bag small £6.95, washbag £12.95. www.dotcomgiftshop.com

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