Craft and Travel is seeking contributors from all over the world.

Writers & guest bloggers: Share your travel stories, destination guides, experiences or give recommendations for recent exhibitions you’ve visited.

Craft designers / makers: Design a project with a travel theme – we’ll need text and images, or you can submit a video.

Photographers: Have you photographed crafts, craftsworkers, designers, makers, artisans on your travels? Get your images published here.

Products: Do you sell ‘crafts’ that are sourced from specific countries? We’d love to feature them.

Shopping: Have you bought an amazing handmade craft, piece of jewellery, item of clothing, interiors item or gift from another country that you’d love other people to see? Send us an image and description of where you bought it and why you adore it and we’ll tell the world!



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Based in London, UK. 


  1. Momtaz…After watching you struggle to learn to weave, I wondered if you had ever tried Saori weaving. It’s a Japanese philosophy of weaving that is stream-of-consciousness, with no rules and NO MISTAKES! It is awesome and after weaving in the Saori way, I’ll never go back to traditional weaving.

    1. Hi Diana! I haven’t tried it yet but it definately sounds like my sort of thing. I’ve tried peg loom weaving with scrap yarns and fabric and that creates really nice random patterns – that’s the type of relaxed weaving I much prefer! But in keeping with the theme of this blog I’d be very interested in trying this Japanese technique.

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